Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 31

Have you ever been broke? You want to eat but there's no money for groceries. And yet you still find money in places to buy a few beers.
In desperation, you go through your cupboard for anything you can throw together so it can be qualified a meal. Well that's exactly what I did for this meal. One of the cans didn't even have a label on it. But, it turned out to be delicious. Ladies and Gentleman, I call this 'Taco Pasta(with some weird corn mixed in)'. 
I'm also getting the feeling that my blog is just about food and random cats. 

Also, later lastnight I went to visit my friend Thomas. We had some beers and watched 'Gummo'. I highly recommend going to Youtube after reading this and searching up the trailer. The one quote that stuck out to me from the movie is:

"It's nothing new for trash like you."

I'll probably write a song about it. 

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  1. well lets just say I agree, and yes I have been broke, still am... I'm fortunate to live on an Army Base for now, so I have the opportunity to scrounge up what ever I can for free. And ya I mix and match alot and have become quite the awesome low class cook, actually so much that I have forgotten how to make some of the middle classs