Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 74
Remember that picture I made for a friend to cheer him up? Well he got it made onto a t-shirt. I am proud. 
It got me thinking a little about art appreciation. Obviously he liked it enough to wear it on him and I'm actually flattered. 
I feel that art work is not praised often when it is deserving of it. And I'm not talking about me, necessarily. 
Recently, I had a few guys who I really look up to, come out and compliment me on what I'm doing with this project. And they were actually extremely sincere compliments. It really meant a lot to me. So after you're finished reading this post, I want you to go and compliment someone on their art work. It can be me, it can be another friend, or it can be a complete stranger. 
A lot of artists create art for expression of their feelings. And that's for themselves. But when they choose to share it online, it's because they want other people to enjoy it, or be affected by it too. 
So get at it, boys and girls. We're doing this for you. 

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